As a building owner or property manager, maintaining a safe, reliable, smooth-operating elevator is what you desire and it is what regular, proper maintenance provides. An elevator is often one of the first impressions of your building and you will want it to be a good one. Nothing can cause a tenant to move out more quickly than poor elevator service. Proper elevator maintenance pays for itself. Building owners want their investments to be protected and that investment includes their elevators. As an independent company, we at Cascade Elevators will develop a competitive maintenance plan to meet your needs instead of offering you a generic one-size-fits-all service contract.

Having a Cascade Elevators maintenance agreement is key to maintaining safe elevator equipment. As a building owner, you want to ensure the long-term investment in your elevator, and a maintenance contract with us will achieve that.

We are the only elevator service company that offers monthly maintenance programs. Most elevator services do quarterly maintenance but we at Cascade Elevators decided that was not enough. Our clients are extremely important to us and we always strive to go the extra mile to make sure we are providing only the highest quality elevator repair and maintenance service.

Don’t believe that “quarterly maintenance is enough with today’s elevators” speech. It wasn’t true twenty years ago and it’s not true now. Try telling your clients and customers that quarterly maintenance is enough as they walk the stairs.

We provide expert elevator repair services for all varieties of elevators:

  • Freight elevator repair
  • Hydraulic elevator repair
  • Inclined elevator repair
  • Passenger elevator repair
  • Stairway elevator repair
  • Vertical elevator repair
  • Residential elevator repair   
  • Handicap elevator repair
  • Commercial elevator repair
  • Commercial dumbwaiter repair